Rebecca Prokop

Financial Administrator/Senior Property Manager

With Rebecca’s 19 years’ experience and dedication to the Real Estate Industry she is able to effortlessly transition into her role as Senior Administrator at AM Rutty Coastal where Rebecca oversees our Property Management Team and does so with the utmost integrity to achieve outcomes in a timely and efficient manner.

Rebecca possesses the ability to build strong relationships with Landlords and Tenants through her straightforward and competent style of communication which clients find approachable, educated, and professional. Rebecca has a great capacity of knowledge for current legislation and closely follows rental market trends enabling her to impart valuable advice to Landlords and give qualified guidance crucial to maximising investment potential.

In addition to a detailed and hands-on understanding of Property Management, Rebecca possesses exceptional work ethics and is customer focused along with a highly organised, reliable and attention to detail nature. As a result, she will consistently deliver positive results for our investors.

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