Amma White

Executive Assistant

Amma is the cornerstone of our team, a master multitasker who effortlessly juggles a myriad of responsibilities with grace and finesse. With a passion for helping individuals fulfill their real estate aspirations, Amma's dedication knows no bounds as she commits herself to exceeding expectations, both for our team and our valued clients.

Amma brings a treasure trove of expertise to the table. Whether she's tackling property management tasks or navigating the intricacies of sales administration, her proactive approach and flawless phone etiquette ensure seamless operations and satisfied clients.

But it's not just about ticking off tasks for Amma; it's about fostering genuine connections and delivering unparalleled service. Her warm and engaging communication style, work ethic and availability, effortlessly instills confidence and trust, making every interaction a step closer to achieving real results. With Amma at the helm, success isn't just a goal—it's an inevitable outcome.

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