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Austinmer is a small, beautiful beachside town, sitting between Stanwell Park and Thirroul, North of Illawarra. Austinmer is home to one of the most popular beaches in Illawarra. The Austinmer Beach is one of the exceptional and must-visit places in Illawarra when you’re looking to relax and have a swell time.  

Austi Beach

The Austinmer Beach is a patrolled surf beach and perfect location to spend family time, especially in the summer. You can also have a nice time at Austi Beach if you prefer a low key environment. The Austi Beach is smaller, north of the main Austinmer Beach. Although it’s not a patrolled beach, it is quiet and perfect for small picnics.  

Away from relaxing water-related spots, you can spend your day at the Glastonbury Gardens just across Austinmer Beach. Glastonbury Gardens is a public park framed by the Sabal Palms, Nork Island Pines and Wild Banana trees. This Garden is a popular spot for a family Sunday lunch, weddings, and other little get-togethers. 

If you need a quick beverage or different supplies, you can visit one of the many cafes and shops in Austinmer, which are scattered amongst the naturally beautiful places in Austinmers. These places are quite relaxing, making them popular among locals and tourists.  

Austinmer is a great place to live or spend most of your time. From natural spots like beaches to gardens, tourist shops and cafes, you have everything at your disposal to have a fantastic time. This makes Austinmer one of the fastest growing towns, and the high demand in Austinmer real estate is proof of this.  

Austinmer Real Estate

Austinmer is situated in the Local Government Area of Wollongong. This small beachside suburb is quiet and peaceful, with a community feel. Its area is 3.4 sq km and 2km away from shops, schools and conveniences in Thirroul. Other surrounding suburbs include Maddens, Coledale and Plains. 

Austinmer has been a popular holiday and health result since the early 1900s when visitors from Sydney spent time in the guesthouses.  

The average cost of vacant land, units, and houses are $678,295 compared to that of the Local Government Area of Wollongong, which is $487,055. 

Austinemer is close to two well-known beaches on the front side of the 40-year-old Norfolk Island pines. Presently considered as the Illawarra’s most up-market localities, Illawarra houses the Austinmer Beach and Little Austi. 

You can also find an art gallery on Lawrence Hargrave Drive, several small shops, a police station, a veterinary clinic and several churches. Illawarra is home to several dining spots and cafes, including the renowned Austi Beach café, which locals and tourists can serve exceptional homemade gelato and coffee.  

The Headland Hotel, north of Austinmer Beach, had a feature in Headland, a 2005 TV series and the Austinmer Surf Club patrols this beach from September to April. 

Austinmer was formally called Sidmouth, named by the original land grant owner – Cornelius O’Brien – after his birthplace. The locality was later renamed Bulli North, then Austinmere after one of the Illawarra Mining Company board directors called Henry Austin.  

As of 2006, Austinmer’s population was 2,251, with the major age group being people between 40 – 49. Most of the population are fully employed, with most people working as professionals who drive their cars to work.  

Austinmer has approximately 803 dwellings, with about 82% housing. About 38.5% of houses in the area owned, with 36.7% being purchased and 77% are owner-occupied. 77% of Austinmer’s population are married, and many households are couples without children.  

Why sell your property using A.M. Rutty Coastal Real Estate?

At A.M. Rutty Coastal Estate Agents in Austinmer, we understand that selling a property has different levels. At the practical level, most people want to get the best possible price for their property within the shortest time, but on a personal level, people want an agent that eliminates the stress of selling their property, respects them and behaves honestly.  

If you’re looking at buying, leasing or selling a property in Austinmer, A.M. Rutty Coastal Estate Agents will help you. We are professionals who take property management seriously, and we have several real estate listings under our care. 

We aim to provide the highest customer level of customer service in the real estate company, so we always provide our clients with the best possible service. 

Why you should buy or lease real estate in Austinmer?

Austinmer is a fast-growing suburb catering for many people, including tourists and locals. There are several opportunities yet to be explored in this suburb, so buying and leasing a property is a good idea. The growing population and in-flock of tourists for relaxation make any real estate investment in Austinmer safe.  

Feel free to visit AM Rutty if you are looking for a property for sale or rent in Austinmer.  

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