How to choose a real estate professional in the Illawarra


Generally, selling a home can be stressful and complicated, regardless of how often you have sold homes. For first time sellers, the task is usually a daunting one. Most times, the best bet is to get a local real estate agent to handle the sale and to do this, you need to know how to choose a suitable one. 

If you want to sell a property in Illawarra and need a professional to handle the sale, these tips below will guide you in making the right choice.

Are they locally-based?

If you decide to contract a professional to sell your home, you need to check that the company is a locally-based one. Real estate professionals should know how real estate works in the area and be an established company.

Do they have a selling strategy?

Many people can pose as real estate agents, but it is important to choose a professional who has a viable selling strategy. The professional should be able to walk you through this and explain the process to decide whether this is the right strategy for you.

Research the real estate market in Illawarra

Before you begin your search for an agent, ensure you do the necessary research, ask your family and friends their experience in the real estate market as this could give you an idea about what to expect. You could also contact a few agents to know how they operate.

Ask the right questions

You don’t want to choose an agent, not knowing how they conduct their real estate affairs, and you also need to know what to expect. It is necessary to meet up with the real estate professional and ask questions like your commission? What is your average listing days on the market? Have you sold the homes in my neighbourhood? These questions are a few of the important questions to ask the agent. 

When looking for the best real estate agent in Illawara, you should consider AM Rutty Coastal. We are a local real estate company specialising in selling both commercial and residential properties in Greater Illawarra.

With over 60 years of combined experience, our knowledge is based on a long and well-established connection with the greater Illawarra and surrounding suburbs.

We offer a fully integrated suite of services delivered by our professional Sales & Property Management teams, complemented by a high level of director involvement. 

We pride ourselves on having strong working relationships with Residential and Commercial property owners and investors. Our in-depth understanding of the local property market ensures you have a team of dedicated professionals with you every step of the way. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who is a real estate professional?

A real estate professional is someone licensed to buy, sell, and manage real estate properties.

How does one become a real estate investor?

To become a real estate investor, you need to get an education in real estate, build a strong network in real estate, have a financial plan, choose a good location to invest and have an investment strategy. You also need to have good investment properties, conduct analysis in the rental market, and manage your properties.

Is it difficult to be a real estate investor?

Getting your real estate agent license may be easy, but the work lies in making sales. This requires hard work, money, time, commitment and effort.

Is a realtor a real estate professional?

Yes, they are. A realtor can be a managing broker, real estate agent a broker-associate or buyer’s agent. A realtor is licensed to sell and buy properties and is a member of the realtor’s association.

Can you be a real estate broker without being a realtor?

Yes, you can. 

What is the difference between real estate agents and a realtor?

Both are professions in real estate, and they have the license to sell and buy property, but realtors go a step further to take courses and write exams to belong to a realtor’s association.

Is it better to be a real estate broker or agent?

Being a real estate broker or an agent has its upsides and challenges, but the better career option for you would depend on your preference.

What is rental real estate with active participation?

A rental real estate with active participation is when a taxpayer is not involved in regular and continuous real estate operation but makes significant management decisions.

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