Tips For Preparing Your Property for Sale


Home sales are more than deciding to transfer ownership to another person. Even as you make up your mind to sell a house, think about making it look attractive – the higher the home aesthetics, the greater the price.

Selling that property requires you to look at it the way a prospective buyer would. There could be certain things about your home that are not right, but you admire them greatly. For instance, it may be that broken antique chair where you sit and read stories to your kids or that old-fashioned table. 

To you, these things are just fine, but when putting up a house for sale, the buyer may be turned off.

This is why it is advised you recreate positive energy around your home. Take out anything that may discourage the buyer. The property should look appealing, welcoming, and exude freshness.

How can you achieve this? Let’s dive into some key points.

Where to start when preparing your home for sale

The first question to ask yourself should be, “what potential buyers like most about a property?”. For some, a sophisticated interior and a clean but stylish exterior are attractive. Others may opt for more space, functional rooms, and simple yet classic designs.

With this in mind, you need to survey the house and note what is present and what’s missing.

This brings us to the starting point of getting a home ready for sale:

Fix broken home fixtures and fittings: There’s nothing more discouraging as when a buyer sets foot into an open house and notice broken windows, chipped tiles, dirty carpet, defective doors, and other sights that says: this building is old and tired-looking.

Remember that the vital thing in a house sale is making a first positive impression. No buyer will feel enthused about buying a property that reeks of damages; it will lower the purchase price!

Consult your property manager and ask about areas that need fixing. Simple repairs can do the trick. You don’t have to overspend to increase the home’s aesthetics.

Clean and declutter: You are presenting a property for sale and what’s important is that the buyer sees what they intend to purchase. When space is stuffy, it affects air quality, encourages pests and rodents to hide, and presents a jammed up look.

So, take out all the clutters from open and hidden areas like beneath the sink, spruce up the rooms thoroughly, and style up a bit.

With these, the rooms will appear larger, the buyer can see the space correctly, and the impression on their mind would be that the property has been well maintained and has got no hidden issues.

Style your home: In addition to removing unnecessary clutter, styling is another tool that redefines home appearance and attracts buyers. Some stylists can do a professional job of redecorating the interior and exterior of the house. You can hire one, or do it yourself with some furniture and accessories.

It is important to note here that you may not gain much profit from every home refurbishment. Particular renovations may take more expenses and bring little returns. One way to avoid this is by concentrating on those areas that will significantly light up the home and get the best results.

For instance, the kitchen is an excellent part of the house that is of importance to buyers. Creating something unique here can top up your selling price. 

The entire kitchen may not need a replacement! Note this to avoid overspending. Look for ways to bring the kitchen back to life. Change the appliances to modern ones. Paint the cabinets, change the handles, replace or fix the lighting. If necessary, replace the kitchen flooring to create the illusion of more space.

The bathroom is also an important area to style up. Buyers love modern bathrooms. With the gradual shift from bathtubs to showers, it’s nice to have robust and contemporary showerheads, tap heads, and ensure the bathroom is clean and fresh. It may not hurt to throw in some stylish features here.

Exterior: Nothing says, “buy me” at first sight as a well-defined home exterior. Thrill that prospective buyer with an expertly touched up outdoor look. Paint the fascias, trims, bargeboards, and drainage. Mow the lawn, tidy up the front garden, and trim the flowers on the sidewalk. 

You can either paint the existing front door or change it to a modern one. Ensure the colours of the windows, outside doors, and walls are in perfect harmony. Fix or replace fences, porch and porticos details, and awnings. Should there be no fence, think of constructing one along the front boundary to give the exterior a facelift. Even adding a new house number and letterbox can do quite magic! The first visual impression of your home is from the outside. Make it work!

Repaint: Take out that dullness and tiredness of your home with fresh repainting. Over time, paints fade off and leave the building looking old. This will not work if you need that sale, so get modern but neutral paint colours to give that house an instant lift.

You can repaint the house yourself or call in a professional painter. Colour matching is essential for a beautiful view. Let the door and window colours blend with exterior wall colours.

While it may not be necessary to cover every housing area with a coat of paint, some parts may still be looking lit. Ensure that you touch up the major areas, especially where the paint has worn off.

Use consistent colour shades throughout the house rather than jarring colours that won’t allow for a modern flow-through effect.

It’s a competitive market out there. Do your best to present a functional, attractive home for sale.

You can add an outdoor extension to the property where people can relax during the day. For added comfort and privacy, use glass that controls the effect of natural light.

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