Tips To Sell Your Home Faster


The thought of selling a house and the returns you hope to get from it could be exciting, but getting someone to buy the house at a fair price may seem difficult. However, the following specific steps can help you sell your home fast. 

What can I do to sell my house faster? 

Selling your house within the first few weeks once you put it up for sale is ideal. After this period, potential buyers may think there are faults in the property and tag the house ‘hard-to-sell.’ Buyers generally disregard places that have been up for sale for a long period of time for this reason. 

When your house becomes an old listing, you may not reach your target buyers. If you want to get a reasonable price for your property, you need to start your marketing strong and immediately. 

Below are top tips to help you sell your house within the first few weeks of listing it. 

Steps for selling your home faster 

With the following steps, you would sell your house in no time. 

Good Housekeeping 

The first step to help sell your house faster is ensuring the house looks presentable. It will involve disposing of unnecessary things and cleaning the house. You can cut the lawns and carry out home improvements work to ensure the house looks its best. 

De-cluttering Your Home

Anyone buying your home would want to see every part of the house before they can decide whether to buy the house or not. When you tidy the place up and remove unnecessary items, there would be nothing to distract potential buyers from essential parts of the house. 

You can rent an external storage unit for your belongings instead of putting them away on wardrobes and cupboards. Most buyers would not find full cabinets or closets attractive, and they may feel the storage space is not sufficient. 

Keep only necessary things in the house after you’ve listed it. Ensure you remove personal items like family photos. Potential buyers would want to picture the home as theirs, and having your items would not make this easy. 

Cleaning Your Home

After decluttering the house, you can carry out thorough cleaning. With most items out of the house, cleaning would become easy. You’d likely want to buy a clean house, and so will your potential buyers. Ensure there is no built-up dirt or debris to distract the buyers from noticing the essential features in the home. 

Steam clean the carpets, scrub the windows, fittings, baseboards, walls and other parts of the house you’ve neglected. If cleaning does not do justice, try painting the house to spruce it up. 

Stage The House 

After cleaning and ensuring the house is functioning properly, consider staging. You may need someone to help with this as a new set of eyes will identify improvements you will likely overlook. 

Aim to see and feel the house like a potential buyer. Research shows that investing in staging a home can increase returns by about 500%. It means you could get as much as $10000 when you invest $2000 in staging your home. 

A professional home stylist can help in staging your home. If you can’t afford a professional stylist, you can employ other ways to make your home look more presentable. You can ask a friend or close family member that doesn’t live in your house to give you tips on improving the house and identify areas that need work. A real estate agent can also help you stage your home based on their experience in selling properties. 

Professional Photography Of Your Home

New listings always pick the interest of most buyers, so you want your listing to stand out from the rest. Getting professional photos of your home will make a lot of difference, and won’t cost too much. 

You can have a friend with some photography experience take the pictures. You can take the images yourself if you have a keen eye, understand perfect angles and take good pictures. 

A recent survey showed that about 99% of real estate agents agreed that the quality of pictures contributed to having more interests in listings. If you need an agent to sell the house, ensure they use a professional photographer to take photos of a home for listing. 

Get An Experienced Real Estate Agent 

There are many things you can do to ensure you sell your home faster. For example, you can list the property with a social group. Sometimes, this can get you an unexpected sale. However, an experienced real estate agent can help you sell the house within a short period. 

If you want an agent to handle the sale, you need to look for an experienced one who has made several sales within a short period. 

Some essential questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent to get the right person include the following. 

  • Do you know the upsides and downsides of this neighbourhood? 
  • What is your average time to sell a property? 
  • Do you use social media? 
  • What strategy do you employ to make a quick sale? 
  • Do you list your property online? If you do, which sites? 
  • Do you have samples of properties you’ve sold quickly? 
  • Do you use a professional photographer? 
  • What do potential buyers look for in an open house? 

Ensure you check the statistics of the real estate agent before listing your property with them. It will help you know if they provide the quality of service they claim to offer. 

In Conclusion 

Selling a home within the first few weeks of the listing is possible, but you would need to prepare the house and ensure it is presentable before putting it on the market. A local real estate agent can also help you make a quick sale without the stress. 

If you want to sell your home, visit here or contact AM Rutty today. Our real estate agents are experienced and are here to help you achieve your goal. 

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